Vidyashilp Academy

Please register here to enquire for our Grade 2 waitlist.
Please register here to enquire for our Grade 2 waitlist.

Discover the essence of VSA

This is what drives everything that we do.

At Vidyashilp Academy (VSA), Bengaluru, students are taught in a way that reflects the fast-changing world we live in. An Indian school with an international outlook, VSA’s rich 25-year legacy has led to global recognition for our unique curriculum and teaching practices.

Our Vision

Vidyashilp Academy aspires to provide an educational experience of the highest quality – to advance the frontiers of knowledge and to prepare students for life, work, and leadership.

The teaching methodology enables students and graduates to do well for themselves and do good for our world in a manner that authentically reflects the very best in each of them.

Our Mission

Vidyashilp Academy’s mission is to enable students to do well and do good. The School’s purpose is to shape individuals with impeccable character so that they may do good and contribute meaningfully to the society globally.

Achieving these aims depend on the efforts of hundreds of faculty, students and parents across the school. Whatever may be the community’s individual roles, and wherever they are, within Vidyashilp Academy, they owe it to one another to uphold the values of the community.

Our Values

R .

I .

S .

E .


to oneself, others and surroundings


own responsibility, honesty and authenticity


be positive and have a never give up attitude


be the best we can be, no matter where we are in the world