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Please register here to enquire for our Grade 2 waitlist.
Please register here to enquire for our Grade 2 waitlist.

Calling our fellow Shilpites

Reconnect and relive the glory days!

At Vidyashilp Academy, our alumni are an integral part of our rich tapestry of success and growth. Since our establishment in 1994, our vibrant community has flourished, with over 2600 alumni making their mark across 20 countries worldwide. Our alumni embody the values of excellence,
integrity, and community spirit instilled during their time at Vidyashilp. They continue to inspire us with their achievements and contributions to various fields, serving as ambassadors of our school's ethos and legacy. Through their diverse experiences and accomplishments, our alumni uphold the spirit of lifelong learning and leadership, enriching both their personal and professional endeavors while maintaining strong ties to their alma mater.

Stay connected with our vibrant alumni community

Your journey at VSA does not end after your time with us. Here are the many ways you can continue to engage with us.

Share your success stories and experiences with current students

Join our mentorship program and guide aspiring Shilpites

Attend alumni events and reunions to reconnect with old friends and faculty

Contribute as guest speakers or workshop facilitators

Connect with us on social media and stay updated on news and events

Volunteer your time and expertise for various school activities

Be an active member of our vibrant alumni community, inspiring the next generation of Shilpites

Visit us

Step back in time and relive the cherished memories of your alma mater! Visit us on our new campus to reconnect with old friends, interact with current students, and rediscover the spirit of togetherness.

Let the warmth of Vidyashilp Academy
embrace you once again.