Vidyashilp Academy

Please register here to enquire for our Grade 2 waitlist.
Please register here to enquire for our Grade 2 waitlist.


Vidyashilp Academy is situated at Govindapura, Behind Yelahanka Air Force Base, Yelahanka, Bengaluru North. Our new campus is set in the heart of nature and designed to foster an environment of learning and collaboration. You can find us on the map here.

VSA’s curriculum is designed according to the guidelines set by the ICSE and IGCSE (Cambridge International Examinations) Boards of Education. It is tailored to be is highly experiential, contextual, activity-oriented and based on multifaceted, multidisciplinary teaching approaches.

We follow a common school-based curriculum up to Grade 6. After this, students have the opportunity to select either the IGCSE program or to continue with the ICSE curriculum for their secondary education.

All the information you need can be found on our admissions page. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to help!

We welcome you to explore the VSA campus. We have set aside Wednesdays for our regular campus visits. To ensure you have a spot, register for a campus tour at: Your visit experience is important to us.

At VSA, we have cultivated an environment where our kids have plenty of chances to enjoy sports. For our older students, we have an exciting line-up of offerings: football, basketball, and cricket, all available for both boys and girls. Each sport comes with its own professional coach to guide and inspire our young athletes.

To discover more about our sports offerings, head over to:

Our school operates from 8:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. We are here to ensure your child’s productive day in a supportive learning environment.

We have partnered with a specialized external service providers to ensure efficient and safe commuting for our students. Your child’s well-being is our priority.

Our new campus boasts an impressive area of 20 acres, providing plenty of space for our students to learn, play, and grow in a nurturing environment.

We take your child’s safety seriously. Our measures include trained security personnel conducting regular rounds and supporting staff on campus. To enhance security, we have strategically placed CCTVs in specific areas. Most importantly, our student-friendly staff is always ready to help, ensuring a vigilant and approachable environment.

While both VSA and VSS are part of the Vidyashilp Education Group, they are not identical. Think of them as sister concerns, each with its own distinct identity. From curriculum and campus setup to fee structure and the range of activities, they have their own unique features.

For more in-depth details about VSS, we recommend reaching out to them directly (contact information will be provided on request). If you’re curious about VSA, feel free to explore our website for comprehensive information or reach out to us directly for more details.

We are here to empower your child’s academic journey, and that includes preparing them for competitive exams. Our approach includes guidance and resources to help students excel.

At VSA, we provide a dynamic language learning experience. The medium of instruction and the primary language are English. From Grade 1 to 6, Kannada is a compulsory subject, which continues up to Grade 10. Additionally, your child can choose between Hindi and French until Grade 5. Starting in Grade 6, the language options narrow down to English and Kannada.

At VSA, we are dedicated to shaping our students for success, whether they’re aiming for universities abroad or in India.

Our College Counsellor offers personalized support, aiding students in making informed choices. We assist in creating impactful recommendation letters that highlight their strengths. Furthermore, our campus becomes a hub for learning as representatives from numerous universities visit, providing valuable insights. We also encourage exploration beyond our grounds with college-fair opportunities. Engaging career days featuring guest speakers inspire students to envision their paths. To refine college applications, we provide workshops for crafting compelling essays and personal statements.

Our meals primarily consist of nutritious and hearty vegetarian dishes, ensuring that students receive the essential nutrients they need. In the evening, we provide a serving of milk and biscuits to keep their energy up.