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Please register here to enquire for our Grade 2 waitlist.

These are the moments that go down in history

Unleashing potential through the power of sports.

Sports are integral to our curriculum. Phase-I students engage in two activities daily, and Phase-II students in one. It helps cultivate leadership, teamwork, and fitness, improving their overall health.

The spirit of Tusker

Meet Tusker, the roaring symbol of sports at Vidyashilp Academy. This mighty elephant isn’t just about power – he’s about teamwork and community. Tusker embodies the values of sportsmanship and collaboration, reminding us that victories are sweeter when we achieve them together.

Unleashing our inner Tuskers

VSA’s campus boasts world-class sports facilities, nurturing students’ passions from the
field to their future. Our facilities include:

15 indoor/outdoor sports areas

International football field, basketball and cricket courts

Badminton court

Outdoor ground with spectator seating

Temperature regulated swimming pool

At VSA, we host an exciting annual Sports Day that resembles a 'Mini Olympics’.

This exhilarating occasion goes beyond traditional sports, fostering a sense of camaraderie, teamwork, and healthy competition among our students. With a myriad of sports and activities designed to engage and challenge participants, our Sports Day is a testament to our commitment to holistic development. It not only showcases the physical prowess of our students but also instills values of sportsmanship, discipline, and perseverance. The vibrant energy and enthusiasm that fill the air during this event make it a highlight of our academic calendar, promoting not just fitness but also the joy of participation and the thrill of friendly competition.

Vidyashilp Academy has achieved several laurels in sports over the years. Our student teams participate in approximately 50 inter-school tournaments each year, with many evolving into national level athletes.

Keeping the wonder alive

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