Vidyashilp Academy

Please register here to enquire for our Grade 2 waitlist.
Please register here to enquire for our Grade 2 waitlist.

Highlights of VSA

Vidyashilp Academy is committed to providing world class learning experiences to its students through engaging activities and engagements.

Illustrated below are some student initiatives that allow student agency thereby making leaning meaningful and fun.

“Shilp Dew” is an engaging newsletter curated by the student editorial board of Shilp Beyond. This platform provides a unique opportunity for students to showcase their writing and editorial talents. It offers insightful articles, creative pieces, and updates on various school activities, giving readers a glimpse into the vibrant Shilp Beyond community.


“Farm to Kitchen” is a commendable initiative by Shilp Udyaan where students actively participate in food cultivation in the school premises. The harvested produce is then skillfully transformed into nutritious meals by the school’s culinary experts for lunch. This initiative not only promotes sustainability but also encourages students to appreciate the journey from farm to table.


“Shilpites on Spotify” is an innovative initiative under Shilp Beyond. Through engaging podcasts, students share their experiences and insights about various aspects of school life, from school lunch to the magic of friendship. This platform provides a unique auditory window into the Shilp community’s vibrant and diverse activities.


Grade 1 students showcased their creativity and eco-consciousness as they crafted useful items from discarded materials. They not only embraced the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) but also eloquently shared their commitment in front of proud parents and took a pledge to follow these 3Rs for the betterment of the planet.


It’s truly inspiring to witness a Grade 4 student taking the stage and delivering a TED Talk. This remarkable accomplishment underscores the school’s commitment to nurturing public speaking skills and empowering even the youngest students to share their ideas and perspectives on a broader platform.


Hosting the CISCE Regional Tournaments is a significant achievement for VSA. This event brought together CISCE schools from across Bangalore, promoting healthy competition, sportsmanship, and camaraderie among students. It demonstrates VSA’s dedication to fostering sports excellence.


The Career counselling Department at VSA goes above and beyond to support students and parents in making informed decisions about future academic and career paths. Hosting international university fairs, visits to various universities across the city such as Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Reva University and IISc, and parent career workshops provides valuable resources and guidance for students and their families as they plan for the future.


“Product Launch” is an exciting venture that allows Grade 12 students to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit. Modelled after the popular “Shark Tank” show, this initiative provides a platform for students to develop and pitch their innovative ideas. It not only nurtures creativity but also encourages practical business skills and entrepreneurship among the senior students.


Sports Highlights

In 2023, Vidyashilp Academy achieved outstanding success across a wide range of sports, securing multiple gold, silver, and bronze medals in various disciplines. The diverse list of sports in which they excelled included:


VSA athletes displayed exceptional aquatic skills, earning top honours in the pool.


The team’s prowess in field hockey led to a well-deserved place on the podium.

Table Tennis

In the fast-paced world of table tennis, VSA players demonstrated their agility and precision to clinch medals.


In the fast-paced world of table tennis, VSA players demonstrated their agility and precision to clinch medals.


The soccer team’s dedication and teamwork resulted in a remarkable performance and medals.


In the cricketing world, VSA cricketers showed their batting and bowling skills, earning recognition.


Mental acumen and strategic brilliance were on display as VSA chess players conquered their opponents.


The basketball team’s skills on the court led to podium finishes in this high-paced sport.


Precision and coordination were key as VSA throwball players secured medals.


The volleyball team’s teamwork and athleticism were acknowledged with medals.


The art of yoga was mastered by VSA practitioners, earning them medals in this ancient discipline.


The martial art of Taekwondo was dominated by VSA athletes, who displayed their strength and technique.


Grace and speed were showcased as VSA skaters glided to victory and secured medals.


Sprinters, jumpers, and throwers from VSA demonstrated their athletic prowess across various track and field events, earning medals for their exceptional performances.