Vidyashilp Academy

Please register here to enquire for our Grade 2 waitlist.
Please register here to enquire for our Grade 2 waitlist.

Potential Unleashed

How self-discovery can empower students to reach new heights.

Redefining Education. Realizing Potential.

Our approach focuses on diverse exposure and self-discovery.

How do we achieve this? By reimagining education from the ground up. We believe that learning doesn’t end when the final bell rings. That’s why we’ve eliminated homework and exams up to Grade 6. Instead, we foster exploration, creativity, and hands-on experiences that ignite a passion for knowledge. Additionally, our in-house project-based curriculum up to Grade 6 immerses students in real-world scenarios. This allows us to nurture critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills.

Flexible, Adaptive, and Personalized – One size doesn’t fit all at VSA. Our curriculum celebrates diversity, individual talents, and supports each child’s interests and learning styles.

Empowering Choices for Secondary
Schooling: IGCSE or ICSE?

To equip our students for the future, we provide them with the option of pursuing either the esteemed IGCSE or continuing with the ICSE curriculum for their secondary education. At VSA, we offer the IGCSE curriculum starting in Grade 8, concentrating on establishing a solid groundwork for their academic journey.

Moreover, the Transition Phase serves as a time when we assist parents in making well-informed choices that align with their child’s educational objectives and ambitions.

Learning by Doing

At VSA, we take pride in nurturing curious minds and constantly expanding our learning horizons beyond the confines of traditional classrooms. Our commitment lies in delivering a challenging, globally focused education.

With a range of experiential programs meticulously aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, immersive industry visits, or even our pioneering Shilpreneurship Program, we are committed to providing an education that goes beyond the conventional.

We teach our students how to learn by allowing them to experience new things and then reflect on their experiences.

Growth and Development

Developing life skills, on campus


Sports are an integral part of our curriculum. We have a dedicated sports program where Phase-I students participate in two activities per day. Through this, they develop leadership skills and learn how to work with others towards a common goal. It also helps enhance the general health condition and physical fitness of every student.

Student Council

VSA's student council, elected democratically, fosters a positive school atmosphere. With teacher guidance, they set missions and learn essential leadership and communication skills.


VSA follows a vibrant and diverse Art syllabus as defined by the Cambridge IGCSE Art & Design and the CISCE curriculums. Our students explore a diverse range of disciplines in art and are encouraged to pursue a specialization in Photography or Design in Phase-II.

Community Service

We believe that education is not just about learning from books but also interacting with people from different backgrounds who can broaden one’s horizons. We encourage our students to participate in community service projects that help them understand how their actions impact others around them.

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