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Please register here to enquire for our Grade 2 waitlist.
Please register here to enquire for our Grade 2 waitlist.

Peek into our legacy

Peek into our legacy

As a premier educational institution, Vidyashilp Academy (VSA) provides a transformative learning experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Our commitment is simple: to inspire Respect, Integrity, Spirit, and Excellence in our students. We firmly believe that every child possesses unparalleled talents and abilities, and our unwavering goal is to unleash their true potential.

Do Well. Do Good.

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Vidyashilp Academy, a UNESCO Happy School, nurtures students for a better world. We prioritize emotional intelligence, personal happiness, and lifelong learning. Embracing freedom and inclusivity, we create a bully-free, creative environment.

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The VSA Edge

No matter what grades our students are in, they lead. That is the VSA Edge.

At Vidyashilp Academy, we bring the 4 C’s of Learning – Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration – to life, laying a strong foundation for success. Our hands-on approach prioritizes practical experiences beyond traditional subjects.
Our curriculum covers Data Science, Leadership, Strategy, Digital Transformation, fostering holistic development. With our three-phase approach, students unleash their full potential, reaching new heights.

As Shilpites, our students join a vibrant community, driven to make a global impact and create a brighter future for all.

This phase focuses on early-childhood development. With a no homework approach, our in-house project-based curriculum constantly evolves based on classroom interactions, student needs, diverse learning styles and progress, and real-world dynamics.

Building on Phase I, this phase also embraces our no-homework approach. It empowers students to discover their true potential and guides them towards the right learning trajectory for their future grades, whether it be through the IGCSE or ICSE curriculum.

This phase is designed to foster an interdisciplinary worldview that promotes overall growth and development for higher education and future career.

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Voices of VSA

Where Success Speaks Louder than Words

“As I sat down to write this testimonial, I couldn’t help but relive all the sentiments that gushed through a 15 year old, on her graduation day; a heart full of love and a great sense of gratitude (also, eyes filled with tears). Not much has changed, since.
We walked in as blank canvases and VSA gave us the opportunity and freedom to paint that canvas, just the way we wanted.
When I speak of my time at school, I am often countered with disbelief- whether because of the unconventional education system that VSA adopted, the relationship we shared with our teachers and staff or the exposure we got through the numerous sports facilities, our school trips or cultural activities.
VSA was not just a school to us, it was and will always be an emotion akin to home! :)”

Manali Kakatkar
Class of 2008

“It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that my 10 years at VSA were the absolute best! When I look back (as I often do), I can’t help but get emotional. VSA has been home for so many years. It not only gave me lasting friendships, but also the confidence to go out there and do what I want to do. From plays and debates to sports days and annual days, VSA has given all of us plenty of opportunities to grow outside the classroom – and that’s what I love most about it. The teachers have been so supportive and encouraging, and I remember all of them fondly even today. Despite graduating in 2008, I still find myself looking at old photos from school and reminiscing with my friends – the same stories are still repeated a thousand times over. And they never get old. It’s safe to say that VSA will always be special to me.”

Charita Cariappa
Class of 2008

“Vidyashilp Academy is an institution that has played a crucial role in my development as an individual. I studied at VSA from grade one all the way up to A levels. The school ensured that I received a holistic education where academics were supported with sports and several extracurricular activities. They allowed me to explore several subjects and pave my own path forward. The flexible attitude of the school allowed me to freely ask questions and learn when opposed to other schools that have more rigid academic attitudes. Shilp is dedicated to creating thought leaders who can think outside of textbook concepts, and its amazing faculty allows students to do the same. Shilp has also allowed me to craft relationships that I will cherish forever. As I start my career in Public Policy, I thank Vidyashilp Academy for providing me with the right tools and a great educational background.

I finished my post-graduate diploma last week, and have an undergraduate degree in International Relations and History. I am currently working at The Takshashila Institute.”

Class of 2009

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