Our curriculum that strongly reflects our Institution’s ethos is a continuous and ​enjoyable process . Believing that learner’s voice is paramount, the school's objectives, policies and actions are vested by them too. This includes what they learn, why they learn and how they learn. That being said, our learner's feedback, including their suggestions at the exit level, forms the core of the already standardized and evolving curriculum. The fresh insights gained is robed in, even while striking a balance amid the Board requirements and text books at higher levels. It forms a springboard for a refreshed curriculum.

Our no homework and no exams policy till Grade 5 ensures enhanced academic performance. With sustained interest and energy levels, it takes a leap during the penultimate board examinations. Our pedagogy is streamlined to bring in the 4 C's of learning: Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication & Collaboration, to make learning meaningful, engaging and productive. The interactive lesson plans supported by technology per se navigate into all areas of development: Intellectual, Emotional, Social, and Physical.

From Bruner’s constructivism to Gardiner’s Multiple Intelligence and Bloom's Taxonomy, our program uses these learning theories wherever appropriate. Our activities are hands on, accommodate personal response and diverse learning styles, besides opening minds to relatable and contemporary calls. In the process, our learners discover their inner leader, maneuvering their role into any desired position. Unwinding the treasure within, teachers furthermore explore newer realms of creativity, besides building on their emotional quotient.

To ensure outcomes are desirable and sustained, interface with teachers every week bring out the best teaching practices and learners’ unique responses. Reviewing our students’ attitudes, needs and progress, we then accommodate appropriate changes.

Through the academic freedom that our curriculum offers, value systems are simultaneously reinforced. At the helm of it all, the intellectual fabric is interwoven with vibrant threads of empathy and social responsibility. Our learners thereafter weave informed choices for themselves in this global society, to RISE above self!