Student Entrepreneurship

This activity aims to enable students to develop entrepreneurship skills through practical learning and real-world experiences that relate to the world of work. Led by the students themselves, activities include shadowing in enterprises, in which the students learn about such things as production processes, marketing techniques, and accounting, and put their learning into practice by developing their own products to present to the school community.

Crisis Management

An experiential learning event designed to educate the young Shilpreneurs on the importance of thinking on ones’ feet, dealing effectively with pressure and in the process developing their problem- solving skills through application of strategies that help an organisation deal with sudden and significant negative events.

While the Shilpreneurship program provides an exposure to students on functioning of enterprises and what makes them tick, this event propels their learning ahead by making sure they grasp the significance of disaster recovery planning, business continuity, reputation management, customer relationships and contingency plans that businesses encounter in their lifetime.

'Cross Roads’ is one of the most exciting ,eagerly awaited event by the Shilpreneurs as each one of them looks forward to prove their mettle as an adept Entrepreneur amidst crisis’s that their companies are webbed into.

Product Launch

In pursuit of providing the students’ hands-on experience of a formal product launch as well as ensuring that they are able to master the concepts related to Marketing, Advertising and Entrepreneurship, each student of Business is given this opportunity to think like an entrepreneur and come up with an Innovation.

  • Get an opportunity for exposure to Marketing, Advertising and Branding.
  • Give the students hands-on experience on practical learning.
  • To understand the tools and techniques of marketing mix, impact on sale, parities involved in marketing mix.
  • Inculcate important skills of time management, learning by doing and communication
  • Realize the importance of information collection, processing, analyzing and synthesizing relevant information.
  • Enhance their application skills and in the process strengthen the core concepts being learnt in the subject.
  • Demonstrate his or her creative capabilities while working independently and through correlation thereby making learning an enjoyable experience.

Business Quiz

The Business Quiz has been designed as an innovative, interactive program to facilitate an extensive flow of knowledge and ideas packaged in exciting rounds. Learning through business quizzing is fun and goes beyond the traditional bounds of business training.


  • To assess and review awareness level on core commerce, business and economic issues as well as latest developments in business concepts and practices
  • To benchmark knowledge with others in an environment of healthy competition and lots of fun
  • To hone skills in lateral thinking, teamwork and decision making under pressure
  • To feel stimulated and inspired to accelerate learning curves

Industry Visits

The objective of industrial visits is to provide students an insight regarding internal working of companies. We know that theoretical knowledge is not enough for making a good professional career. With an aim to go beyond academics, industrial visits provide students a practical perspective in the world of work.

For the students of Commerce & Economics industrial visits help them gain hands-on experience of how industry operations are executed. Industry visits provide opportunity for active learning experiences in class as well as outside the classroom environment.

Students are able to bridge the gap between theoretical training and practical learning in a real life environment. Industry visits help enhance interpersonal skills and communication techniques. Industry visits broaden the outlook of students with exposure to different workforces from different industries.

Project Exhibition

The exhibition provides the budding entrepreneurs and economists with an opportunity to carry out in-depth research into various concepts, which help in strengthening their understanding of the subjects and also hone their presentation skills in an exciting manner!!


IFO is an initiative to make young learners familiar with the need and art of managing money. It is expected that gradually the adolescents shall inculcate the habit of analyzing finance in their day to day life, shall strive for savings and shall also invest their available resources to multiply their worth so that they have comfortable resources for their future endeavors. As finance knowledge for school students is at a very nascent stage, efforts are being made across the globe to structure it within the school curriculum. We intend to bridge this gap & would like to offer an international level competition.

Mock Stock

As entrepreneurs in the making, the students stand to gain from the mock trading event. It is a prerequisite for entrepreneurship that they make investments wisely and take responsibility for their actions. It is important for the entrepreneur to understand the dynamics of the stock market as he may have to float shares of his company in the stock exchange to raise funds for his business. An entrepreneur needs to also understand how shareholders will be affected if he makes any wrong move. The event will definitely complement the Shilpreneurship initiative, as stock trading and investments are an integral part of entrepreneurship.

Guest Talks

Guest Lectures from industry wizards are also conducted on an ongoing basis to keep the students abreast of the latest industry trends and various managerial practices followed by the organisations. All this lends not only knowledge that is academically restricted but gives them a practical exposure as well.

They expose students to real-world life experiences from the position of someone who has been there. Students get an insight and perspective of the guest speaker’s particular field.

One important benefit that is derived from having a guest speaker is the enhancement of the students’ educational experience. They essentially get a glimpse into the everyday life of the speaker, which they can’t get anywhere else. Another added benefit is the link that students get to make between what they learn in their textbooks and what they learn from the guest speaker. Research indicates that it helps students build important connections between what they are learning and the real world.