Shilp Beyond

Shilp Beyond aims at the holistic development of a child by helping them explore their inner talents and interest. It helps enhance the skills that will nurture children to bloom in all fields of life and will prepare them to face challenges and experience real-life situations. It focuses on an individual’s ability to manage their time and often focuses on a well-developed soft skill with regard to leadership, self-discipline, community involvement and team playing capabilities. It aims at energizing students to take care of the Earth and helping their community while learning about some of the most important issues facing the world.

Shilp Dew

This activity engages students by giving them the opportunity to create and publish in school newspapers. In a dedicated room with an informal environment that simulates a real newsroom, learners broaden their knowledge of various issues. This hands-on activity not only increases the relevance of the learning content but has also resulted in dramatic improvements in writing skills.

Shilp Encounter

Students develop their communication skills through preparing and delivering speeches and presentations to an audience, including parents. The activity offers students a fun way to develop research skills (while preparing the presentations) and debating and critical thinking skills (by responding to questions from the audience), and to increase their self-esteem and confidence (by presenting to an audience made up of their peers and adults).

Shilp Sparsh

This is an experiential learning approach that involves weekly visits to local villages where learners participate in activities. This sensitizes students to the realities in communities that are less privileged than their own. The visits are followed by class discussions and written reflections.