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24 February 2020

Science Exhibition

Science Exhibition

Science always reveals a new truth, a new discovery, an unknown reality 

With an endeavor to promote a scientific attitude, ATL members organized the science exhibit. Seven students along with the mentor have oriented on the exhibits at Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium. The oriented ALC students of Vidyashilp were zealous to explain the concept and phenomena to the audience.

Exhibits included working models on:

·      Flattening of Earth's poles

·       The angular diameter, angular size, apparent diameter, or apparent size

·       A zoetrope Persistence of vision: how does animation work?

·       Color vision

·       Brachistochrone curve (fastest descent)

·      Atmospheric pressure

·       Maths Kits on area of objects and its calculations

·      Envelop of curves

The exhibit was indeed eye-openers on various topics and students were excited about the working principle and phenomenon.


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