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26 February 2019

Rescue Restore Rehabilitate

Motivational Talk

Rescue Restore Rehabilitate - A motivational talk given to the 9th graders, which emphasized on some of the unethical or illegal activities in our country. One such concept for the day was on human trafficking, with the focus on women and children. 

Through this talk, the team also emphasized on the safe use of social media and educated the students as to how they too could get involved as a citizen and about being very vigilant of their surroundings. 

About the Speakers – 

ARATHI LUCIANA is on a mission with great passion to reshape and rebuild the lives of children and adults who have experienced traumatic/stressful situations and tragedies. She is a part of the Bangalore City Police as the Documentation & Communications officer and also the Makkala Sahayavani (MSV) & Vanitha Sahayavani (VSV) Departments. Arathi also oversees the day-to-day functioning of the NGO, ‘Saviors of Souls’, which she co-founded in 2010 along with like-minded friends.  

ALISHAH EITO - She is also co-founder and Trustee of ‘Saviors of Souls’, an NGO which rehab people with skill development and provide them new financially independent life. She works closely with the Trans community and unprivileged people to give them a new direction in life, social justice and equality.


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