Stay Safe Stay Healthy

With the coronavirus on the rise and schools shut in most parts of the world, there is a sudden change that is brought about in the lifestyle of students. Suddenly after an eventful weekend no more school, no going out, no malls and no contact with friends. With most public arena shut we students are now left with very little to do or very little as I too presumed before actually giving it a thought and came up with the following things to manage our life more efficiently during these holidays.

Physical activity -

We all have a certain routine that we follow at school and home with our sports and “fun” time scheduled, but due to precautionary purposes, we don’t go down or out that much anymore. Under these circumstances, we are homebound have little opportunity to do any sports as such. Yet a few things that we certainly can do are relaxing sessions of yoga and learning a new dance form.

Explore new hobbies -

Usually, summer is a time to reinvent ourselves and discover a few more hobbies, then why should this time be any different? You can pick up scrapbooking, baking or even finding new music.

Reading -

Reading is a habit that should be inculcated in kids from a very young age. Through reading, you can divulge yourself into a fierce battlefield of the past, a fiction wonderland or the awe-inspiring life of your role model. Writing - Writing is a mode of communication to the masses. Through writing, one can express oneself and make sure their voice/opinion is heard. So this break is a good opportunity to start writing and discover that hidden writer within you. I have started with this short note, when are you starting?

Learn two facts every day -

This is more like an aim for me to learn 2 facts every day. Now, these facts can be anything they can be related to sports, history, society, architecture, the living biome, or other factors. This way you will not only be amazed but also have a bunch of intriguing facts up your sleeve. Like my 1st fact for today is that The world's largest pyramid isn't in Egypt but in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico. This is a pretty unpopular fact which I am glad to know from today.

Getting to know your family -

Use this break to get to know a little about your roots and your family and folks. Spend some time together and have fun.

I hope you find something of your interest in summer and live these holidays to the fullest! Use them to your advantage and build on it. Stay Safe, Stay healthy!!!

    Adya Verma - Grade 7.